.NET Framework

Question: Tell me about .Net framework in asp.net?
Answer: The .net framework describe that all programming object .everything In .net framework is treated as a object. Example such that asp.net pages message box and so on. all these objects group together a logical group called namespace. The .net framework components are common language runtime and .net framework class library.

Question: what is Common Language Runtime (CLR)?

Answer: Common language runtime manage all execution of code in asp.net. Its provide automatic memory management, security, optimization and garbage collection, another word we can say that CLR handle all execution and provides useful services for the implementation of the program.

Question: what is .NET Class Library?

Answer: .Net class Library contain all prebuilt functionality which we use in application. These are sometime organized some time in technology sets, such as ADO.NET and window form.

Question: What is ASP.Net?

Answer: ASP.Net is a platform that allow we to programming in web application and web services in any .net language with almost all feature that include in .net class library.

Question: Tell me what is Metadata in ASP.Net?

Answer:  the common language runtime use the meta data to find out how to run application. which make very easily to install programs.
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