SQL Tutorial

What is SQL?

SQL stands for 'Structured Query Language'.

SEO Tutorial

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization is a collection of technique which provides to get more traffic from different search engines like google, yahoo, Microsoft. Mainly SEO works comes in two way....
Off Page SEO- Very shortly we can say that in this technique work that takes place separate from the website.
On Page SEO- Very shortly we can say that in this technique websites changes to make your website rank better.

SharePoint2010 Tutorial

What is SharePoint2010 ?
SharePoint2010 is provided by Microsoft. SharePoint2010 makes it easier for more people work together easily and comfort. Using SharePoint 2010 developer can set up Web sites to share information with each others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions. By this technology website progress status and report can see easily.

J2me interview question

Question: What is SIM in mobile application?

Answer: SIM stands Subscriber Identity Module (SIM). SIM is a stripped-down smart card containing information about the identity of a mobile-phone subscriber, and subscriber authentication and service information. Because the Subscriber identity module uniquely identifies the subscriber and is portable among handsets, the user can move it from one kind of mobile phone to another, facilitating international roaming.

Question: What is definition of SMS? 

Answer: SMS stands Short Message Service (SMS). SMS is a point-to-point service similar to paging for sending text messages and multimedia message of up to 160 characters to mobile phones, it is very important for send small information from one place to another.

Question: What are the uses of T9 in mobile application?