how to create widget area in wordpress theme

hi i want to explain how to create widget in wordpress
follow these step to create widget are in wordpress theme
1-Go in theme folder and register your widget in funtion.php file
2-Go in sidebar file and make a copy rename it like sidebar-homepagesidebar
3-Write your code using widget name which you registered in function.php file
4-Now you can access this side bar calling wordpress function getsidebar(homepagesidebar) on home page or any where.

how to import rewrite url from wordpress

hi friends if you want to import wordpress data on another wordpress and if you rewrited url in wordpress then you may be face problem so i want to provide solution for that

following step you should perform
1-Export data from wordpress using wordpress tools
2-Import data on another wordpress where you want to configure.
3-go in setting and permalinks set to %postname% and save it.
4-Now go on htdocs folder where your wordpress installed and delete .htaccess file.
5-Go on browser and setting menu and permalinks set again %postname% and save it.
6- Now refresh and i think your rewrited url working properly.