J2me interview question

Question: What is SIM in mobile application?

Answer: SIM stands Subscriber Identity Module (SIM). SIM is a stripped-down smart card containing information about the identity of a mobile-phone subscriber, and subscriber authentication and service information. Because the Subscriber identity module uniquely identifies the subscriber and is portable among handsets, the user can move it from one kind of mobile phone to another, facilitating international roaming.

Question: What is definition of SMS? 

Answer: SMS stands Short Message Service (SMS). SMS is a point-to-point service similar to paging for sending text messages and multimedia message of up to 160 characters to mobile phones, it is very important for send small information from one place to another.

Question: What are the uses of T9 in mobile application?

Answer: The main work of T9 is in mobile application a text input method for mobile phones and other small devices.

Question: What is Software development kit in mobile application?

Answer: for a particular platform a tool required for develop application this facilities provided by software development kit , A Software Development Kit (SDK)  contains a linker, compiler, and debugger. It may also contain libraries and documentation for APIs.

Question: With respect to j2me explain what is RMS?

Answer: the main work of record management system(RMS) in j2me is store data as a database and allow midlets to persist store data and use when required, Different MIDlets can also use the RMS to share data.

Question: What is the full form of SOAP?

Answer: SOAP stands Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). SOAP is an XML- based protocol that allows objects of any type to communicate in a distributed environment. SOAP is a part of web services; SOAP is used in developing Web Services.

Question: What is SSL?

Answer: SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a socket protocol that encrypts data and sent over the network and provides authentication for the socket endpoints, it is very important. 

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