J2me interview questions

Question: Tell me about j2me?

Answer: j2me is a java2 micro edition, group of specification and technologies that use to java on small devices like mobile device it covers mobile device and pagers through a set top boxes and car navigation systems. J2me describe a java environment for a specific class of device according to divide j2me in configuration and profiles.

Question: tell me very shortly what is AMPS?

Answer: AMPS stands for advance mobile phone services that is a first generation analog, circuit switched cellular phone network.

Question: What is CDMA?

Answer: CDMA stands for code division multiple accesses. These are mainly three types
  1. CDMA One 
  2. CDMA2000
  3. W-CDMA

Question: what is CLDC and where its work?

Answer: The connected limited device configuration is a specification for a j2me configuration mainly CLDC uses in less that 512KB or RAM available in device and limited connection.

Question: what is CDC in Mobile application?

Answer: CDC work with devices which has more memory and processing power than CLDC configuration j2me it works on those device which is always on network connection and minimum of 2MB of RAM available in device.CDC stands for connected device configuration is a specification for j2me configuration. 

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