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Question-Tell me what is main difference between Response.Write() and Response.Output.Write() in
Answer- Response. Write() does not allows you to write formatted output, but Response.Output.Write() allows you to write formatted output.

Question-During the page load what methods are fired tell me very shortly?
Answer-during page load following method fired….
• Init() – first step is when the page is instantiated
• Load() – second step is when the page is loaded into server memory
• PreRender() – third step is the brief moment before the page is displayed to the user as HTML
• Unload() – last step is and final step of page load when page finishes loading.

Question-Tell me that during the page processing life cycle is ViewState available or not if available then explain it?
Answer-during the page processing life cycle view state available After the Init() and before the Page_Load(), or OnLoad() for a control.

Question-What is the main namespace Web page belong in the .NET Framework class hierarchy?
Answer- the main namespace for web page belong is System.Web.UI.Page.

Question-Can you tell me that store the information about the user’s locale is where?
Answer- store information System.Web.UI.Page.Culture

Question-Tell me minimum one difference between Codebehind="MyCode.aspx.cs" and Src="MyCode.aspx.cs"?
Answer- the main difference is CodeBehind is relevant to Visual Studio.NET only.

Question-Tell me what data types RangeValidator control support?
Answer- RangeValidator control support Integer, String, and Date.

Question-Do you know any one differences between Server-side and Client-side code?
Answer- yes,the main difference between server side code and client side code is Server-side code executes on the server and Client-side code executes in the client's browser.
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