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Question-how many state management available in ASP.Net?

Answer-mainly five types of state management available in ASP.Net these are….
  •    View state Management 
  •    Cookies state management 
  •    Querry State Management
  •    Session State management
  •    Application state Management

Question: what is view state in ASP.Net?

Answer: Because http protocol is stateless protocol in and it does not keep track of information developer require mechanism to maintain and retrieve information so state management features require.
The view state in web form enable you to retain page and control specific values between round trip each web form and control on the page have the view state property automatically save value of web page and each control prior to rendering page in

Question-what is Cookies State Management?

Answer-in a simple word we can say that cookies are a small data structure used by a web server to deliver data to the client. Cookies contain page specific information that a web server send to a client along with page output.
Cookies enable you to store information client, session, or a page, it sends the information in the cookies along with the request information. A web server reads the cookies and extracts its value.

Question- What are the advantage of using cookies in ASP.Net?

Answer-following advantage we get using cookies state management….
1.    A cookie is store on the client computer and can be read by the server after a request for a page is posted, therefore no server resources is involved in maintaining the cookie.
2.    A cookie is text based data structure that contains key value pairs therefore it is easy to create and manipulate cookies.
3.    A cooked can either expire when the browser session ends or exists identify on the client computer subject to the expiration rules on the client limitation.

Question-What is the disadvantage of cookies in ASP.Net?

Answer- following disadvantage….
1.    Cookies that are stored on client computer have a limited size, most browser allow cookies have up to 4096 bytes of size.
2.    Users can tamper with cookies because cookies are stored on the client computer.

Question-what is querry string?

Answer-if you need to submit information back to a web page or another web page URL, you can use querry string, a querry string provides a simple way to pass information from one page to another.

Question-what is the advantage of using Querry String?

Answer- a querry string is contain in the http request for a specific URL, therefore no server resources is involved to process a querry string.

Question-what is the disadvantage of using Querry String?

Answer-there is a limit to the amount of information that you can transfer one page to another using querry string because most browser support up to 25.5 character of URL.

Question-what is session state management in

Answer-the web is a stateless medium information about  a particular user is hard to keep track of , there Is no way to find out if a series of requests comes from one user or a bunch of different users, this makes it hard to tailor a website for one user.
This session state obju=ect combats this limitation, it allow you to store information , items such as variable object, string that are pertinent to a specific user in a single location on the server, it acts as that users personal storage locker of information.

Question- when we use session state management?

Answer- we use session variables when storing personalized information.

Question-what is application state management in provides application state management as a means of storing global application, specific information the information store in a application state is store in a key value pair and is used to maintain data consistency between server round trips and between page.

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