Algorithm for how to generate activation key for activate application

Hi friends today I decide to write algorithm for generate activation key because a lot of application require to activation key to activate application, developer initial have to design algorithm for how we can perform step to generate activation key for user so that he can easily activate application and use securely.

1. Start application.

2. Check from admin database if activation key is available then perform 3rd step otherwise perform 4th step.

3. Open login page where user can enter login information.

4. Open activation key page for generate activation key and where user system key and serial key(which is given by application provider) available, using these item generate activation key to send information at website by using coding(user can not able to see website process).

5. In website data comes throw querry string and check from database that serial and system key is used if used then perform 6th step otherwise perform 7th step.

6. Message show that contact support.

7. Using system key and serial key generate activation key and send back to application to activate application using activation key.

8. When activation key enter then save serial key, system key and activation key on user database.

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